About Us

My name is Heather. I started my business in 2011. I worked for cleaning companies for several years before deciding to take the plunge and open my own business. I had a customer who owned a contracting business pull me aside and told me the potential he saw in me and offered to show me the ropes on how to go about starting up my own business. Here we are 13 years later up and running. I took some time off to grow my family. Upon returning my phone has not stopped ringing with returning clients requesting my services again. I am very excited to be back on this journey with you all and happy to serve the Manatee and Sarasota location. 

  • Being a smaller company, I can adhere to the needs of your home and family better than those of the larger companies. 
  • In the short amount of time I have been in business I have serviced residential homes, commercial properties, vacation properties, air bnb, MotorCoaches, move in/outs and more. 
  • Some of the other services I provide other than just cleaning are windows, pet sitting, dog walking, home watch, property management, laundry service, pressure washing, meal prep, and customizing those of the needs of our clients. We truly are an ALL HOME SERVICE. Which means we cater to the needs of our clients for what ever suits their needs around the home or business. We are here to make your life a bit easier from the every day challenges life throws our way. 
  • My philosophy is to provide the best service to our customers in a timely manner. If your not happy neither am I.

Some other tid bit of information about me:  I am also a notary through the state of Florida and provide mobile notary services to our customers as well. I am also ordained through the state of Florida and perform wedding ceremonies. 

My husband and I have also opened another business a year ago called Thunder protection agency and we perform armed and unarmed services for our customers. Feel free to check out our website at www.thunderprotectionagency.biz 

We have partnered with Cleaning for A Reason. 

Cleaning for a reason provides free house cleaning for cancer patients battling cancer.  We provide two free cleanings a month to, two different patients each month donating 4 -6 hours each month to cancer patients battling cancer of some kind. Whether it be a child, adult, or an elderly patient. For me this touches my heart a little closer as I lost my grandparents to cancer. So a few hours each month is the least I can do to help someone in need. If there is someone you know that could benefit from these services, contact Cleaning for a Reason at cleaningforareason.org/patients

Donations can be made directly to them at cleaningforareason.org/donate 

You can get more information by emailing them at [email protected]