We offer an all home experience, hence the name.

Home  Watch: House sitting while you are away on  vacation  or business

Pet Sitting: Watching your fur-babies and most valued while away. 

Pressure Washing: Residential and commercial business's. 

Laundry Services: Residential and Commercial laundry services provided.

Notary Services: I am a licensed notary through the state. 

Handyman services: We offer a wide variety of handyman services. My husband and I as well as our son are all pretty handy and would be happy to take a look  at anything you may need done. General minor repairs. Inquire if you are needing anything done around your home or office. We will be happy to take a look and see if it's something we can take care of for you. Remember we are not licensed contractors and the state only allows handyman to do a certain amount of things before a permit is needed. 

Lawn maintenance provided by our son and staff is also another service our company provides.  We provide the basic lawn maintenance. Mowing, weed eating, edging and blowing. If debris is needed to be hauled off or extra is needed at any job, it will be discussed with client and a price is agreed on.